Thai massage

     On the coast Mae Ram Phung Beach there are several massage parlors. But the best is a Masseuses Mont.

Service Price
Thai massage 250 THB
Oil massage 400 THB
Foot Massage 250 THB
Manicure + pedicure200 THB

Maybe this is a subjective opinion, but nobody makes massage like she. Affects the experience - she is an adult woman - and the overall positivity. Of course, the whole wall hung with diplomas but the main thing - not a piece of paper, and ability. By the way, to turn her every day, despite the fact that next to her - two massage salons that are empty. That is - the assessment of her work, I think. In addition, she is fluent in English. One can call the number 086-9532809 and agree on a session and - if necessary, order a taxi to her and vice versa. It's worth doing, if the massage will be the evening - tuk - tuks do not attend regularly, and walk - quite far 2-2.5 km.

It is very simple to find this salon by yourself.

    And more about the art of classic Thai massage.

It was influenced by ancient culture of China and India, and acquired its present appearance through long practice, watching through the nature of the human body, through trial and error, creating a clear health-care system.

Traditional Thai massage has nothing to do with sex. Both the client and therapist during a session fully clothed (it during a session of classic Thai massage, during oil massage - OIL MASSAGE - client stripped to his underpants, but covered with a towel, so all is also very decent) open only the feet. In operation, the therapist does not touch intimate areas client. In addition, according to tradition, the room in which the massage, not closed, and the only fenced off screen.

    The effect of Thai massage
Improved circulation, warm up the massaged area, removal of edema.
Improving the strength and efficiency of the muscles, loss Tosin, stress relief, relaxation tendons and improve their elasticity.
Stimulate and improve the activity of the nervous system.
Relaxed and deep breathing.
Improving the elasticity of the digestive tract, massage the stomach prevents indigestion.
Improving blood flow to the skin, improve skin condition, smoothing scars.


Oncological diseases.
All chronic diseases in the acute stage.
Damage or inflammation of the muscles. Need to make a hot compress, if the damage is long-standing and there is no redness, massage should be done very carefully.
When fresh muscle damage if redness and hot to the touch area of ??the body should make a cold compress, the damaged area is not massaged.
Do not massage the area of ??fresh bone fracture or damage to the joints.
When varicose veins, this area is not massaged.
Massage is contraindicated in infectious diseases of the skin. You can do massage for non-communicable skin lesions, avoiding the rash.
Intoxication by alcohol or drugs.
When mild heart disease, diabetes must use special precautions. If massazhiruemy hungry, you should offer him a snack. If it is too full, you should avoid certain positions (eg prone position) and the impact on the abdominal area. Do not operate the massaged very hard not to create discomfort to him.

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