Suite 1 bedroom, living room and kitchen, Sea Sand Sun Resort

Sea Sand Sun Resort

Here you can calculate the approximate cost of the stay
, including flights, transfers, accommodation and meals

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Period of residence Cost, THB
1 week or less 10 000 THB
1 extra peron +1 000 THB
2 week 20 000 THB
1 extra peron +1 200 THB
1 month 22 000 THB
1 extra peron +2 000 THB
3 months 18 000 THB
1 night 2 000 THB
1 extra peron +400 THB
Breakfast 200 THB

If your rest falls in the period from December 20 to January 10, the extra charge for peak season - 7 000 baht!

Price includes accommodation ONLY. The price of water, electricity and cleanings are NOT INCLUDED.

When you check in, we define the counters. And you pay returnable security deposit of 5,000 baht for utilities.

At the departure he water use and the actual consumption of electricity is determined by the counter and paid for, in particular, from the security deposit.

If utilities payment amount is less than 5,000 baht, the difference is returned to you



For customers of THAIBAHT.BIZ:

    - 10% of cost of their booking is in payment for of utility services;

    - free of charge cleaning 1 time per 10 days.

Suite 1 bedroom, living room and kitchen

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Please note! The payment guarantee class apartments only.
Specific rooms we do not reserve!

*To simplify all prices are USD.
*The cost of tickets you need to make your own.
*All prices are averaged, so the data of the calculator gives only a general idea of the cost of travel and do not constitute a public offer.
*Price of food is very averaged.

The cost of settling
Transfer Airport-Rayong-Airport
Meals for the day:
Adult (1 day)
Child (for 1 day)
Tickets (write yourself)

For reservations, please send email with of interest to you eventually stay with your information and your name on e-mail

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