Transfer options from airport of Bangkok to Rayong

Travel through Thailand

There are three options:

  1. Send us a request for a taxi to E-mail
  2. Register up to the Thai website
    In the column "FROM" choose "A-Bangkok Airport", In the column "TO" choose "R1-Rayong city & beach, Banphe pier for Kosamet", further, the type of vehicle and "GO TO Book Now"!
  3. If you decide to take a taxi at the airport, you will need the comfort on the street, go down one floor below and go outside. There are rows of multi-colored taxis and small receptions with dispatchers.

    Before leaving the house to print the instructions for Transfer - for each of our homes is their own - and show any one of the controllers. He will name the price and you can go. The normal price for such a trip, from 2000 to 2500 Baht. At the airport I recommend to exchange no more than 100 dollars or euro - exchange rates are very low.

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