Onthe roads of Thailand


Travel to Thailand by car was an unforgettable experience for me, I want to share. Two weeks after the right wheel on the left side of the road - it is hard? How dangerous is it to drive in an Asian country? What are the features of traffic rules await those who dare to rent a car in Thailand? All this and not only - in my today's reporting.

1. To begin with, what to be afraid to drive in Thailand is not worth it. I had some fears intensified when I arrived in Bangkok, "Yes there is chaos on the roads as I drive? '. As soon as I got behind the wheel yourself, everything fell into place. On the part of the pedestrian traffic here, and in fact, may resemble Brownian motion, but it is actually quite logical, and not at all scary.

2. Roads in Thailand - are good. Compared with Russia and Ukraine, so is just great! Almost all the tracks in the country have at least two lanes in each direction, often separated by a special barrier or lawn.

3. Turns are also the most simple. Do not forget that they are made of the right-hand lane. The roads will almost always be a special series for a turn in the road: they are mirrored, that is counter-flow will unfold in the same place of his right-hand lane. Plenty of space to pass one to two cars. For the convenience of the drivers after the turn is accelerating the band 50-100 meters to fit into the flow. I recommend to rebuild immediately to the left as you can, because right here are going faster than the ranks of the left. Everything is exactly as we do, but in mirror image. Need to remember this. Although there is one inviolable rule that is common to all countries - "right-hand rule." The unregulated intersection priority to those who right. Another small feature of Thai driving: if you blink lights, it means that a person asks him to miss, but do not miss you! Remember that!

4. The basis of traffic rules in Thailand are taken American SDA: who drove - he will understand, but I will try to explain all the details. You see the yellow line marking? She always refers to the border areas: all the yellow stripe - vstrechka! Accordingly, the white stripes only border rows. This is a very convenient system.

5. Markup itself - as everywhere hatched bar - you can overtake, solid - not. With this, you can turn a solid yellow to the right. After a double solid - not.

6. The state of local roads all different, but change the canvas on some schedule, even in the most remote villages: the time - change. Markings on the old road fades, but rarely, when cleared to zero.

7. There may also be bumps in the road, but the candid hole - very rare.

8. In general, you can be sure, almost everywhere there is a normal road travel, even for cars are. Although the roads and you can easily find, if we ask for such a purpose, but on a normal road detour will always be. Both times, I climbed into the jungle with the best primers - were completely aware.

9. Such an asphalt you will meet a very, very rare. Still, it is mainly in the west of the country.

10. In some cases (but not always) the road is divided into local and express. At the local bands that are left, will be twists and congresses at the next street, on the express lanes you keep driving at a constant speed without Congresses. Keep this in mind: if you want to go far - keep right. Guided by the same local roads are very convenient: almost all pointers are duplicated in English. But I still advise you to travel with the navigator, he's somehow quieter.

11. Here's another difference, which should be addressed. But with so you will encounter is likely only in Bangkok. Again, the "mirror" - a regular road signs green highway - blue. By the way, about the speed limit: on the highway you can drive 120 km / h on normal roads - 90. In urban areas from 60 to 80. In reality, things are not so severely, they themselves SDA Thailand say, "the driver must drive the vehicle at that speed and keep such a distance that will allow him to make an emergency braking, avoiding an accident." Well, in general, at times it seemed to me that the speed of all do not care. No, it does not mean that Thais are worn as sumasshedshnie, just notorious drivers meet infrequently. But to go 120, where you can 90 - in the order of things.

12. Traffic lights - are the same as ours. Almost everywhere they are configured in such a way that the threads are not crossed, when you have the green light, in opposite direction - red. Road signs are very detailed, and absolutely all the roads in the country have their own room. Also taken from the United States.


14. There are kilometer posts, they look like this. It is a large, usually set at the beginning of the reference standard is less. On the facade of the number of the road, side - information, how many miles left before the next bigger city (where its name in Thai only, alas), and how much to the next.

15. Yellow sign reminds that you are in the city, and should slow down.

16. The inscription "Stop" written in Thai, but the shape and color are the same, international, so you will easily recognize it. Sometimes denied a right turn, be careful, or you might be on the opposite line. Marks 'brick' in Thailand is not, so be careful.

17. In this case, to the left you can even turn on a red light. Almost always, except when at the crossroads see this sign.

18. Themselves signs almost completely replicate a U.S.. Traffic lights are found even on highways, at the intersection of why they always tell you beforehand with a special sign.

19. In general, the policy of road signs and signs is this: if possible, to prevent everything in advance and avoid accidents. All sharp turns very well marked.

20. Turning points are also shown in advance. You see yellow "flashing" light next to the sign? These you'll see all over the place, along with road signs and just at a time. Lantern can be seen from a distance, it means "attention" - in front of a U-turn, turn, heavy pedestrian traffic, the beginning of the village, or other things that require your attention. There is a flashing red light indicating danger.

21. The sign "No passing" looks like. And when it hangs - it is better not to break. Not because of the punishment, but because they just do not hang signs here, the maneuver can be dangerous.

22. Bikers on every corner, that's true - literally on every corner reminded that definitely need to go in the helmet. But the Thai people do not really listen to and almost all go without helmets.

23. Road repair've always seen from afar. All the closed part of the road wall, put a lot of orange cones and signs.


25. In addition to repairing existing roads in Thailand continue to build new ones. For example, not long ago from Bangkok to Pattaya journey took more than three hours now - and a half. Because it opened a high-speed rail.

26. In short, the road signs in the country can trust - they are your best friends. And if you see the sign "wet crossing" ...

27. ... So - it will actually be.

28. Sign "school." Yes, for a moment go back to Russia. I do not understand why we have kids on the sign RUN? This is subconsciously provokes them just run across the road. Here the little people go quietly, netoropyas, looking around. Where to look first, crossing the street in Thailand? That's right - first right, then left! Again, the "mirror". This is not difficult, hammer it into your head before you go.

29. Everywhere on the roads of Thailand you'll see such large shields. It is both a means and the border regions of the country, and shows what tourist attractions there.

30. Actually, do speed limit signs are rare. But look exactly like ours.

31. Well, keep in mind the peculiarities of the country. Meet the elephant on the road - in any case not signalte. He thinks that blows the other slonyara and wants to get to know!

32. Very often on the road you'll see portraits of the King.

33. And at the crossroads of trade any tinsel. Also as we have.

34. So, you need to refuel. Gas stations on the road a great multitude, without petrol you will not go! (Although I did it once over, but by his own stupidity). On tracks - guided by the logos refills, they hang high above the road. From well-known brands we have here only Shell, so here is guided by such droplets - for some reason almost all the logos of local companies look almost the same.

35. If no drops you do not see - be guided by the letters LPG. They mean "LPG» (Liquefied petroleum gas), but most of all, regular gasoline and diesel will be there, too. They have their own system of some kind of fuel, some cars do not drive on gasoline, but on gazonole, but I do not want to go into details, and it is unlikely you are interested. (In Thailand, another standardization of gasoline. 91st line with European 95th. 95 th - 98 th.) Gazonol (or gasohol - a mixture of gasoline with bioethanol) under the old motors is not adjusted accordingly and can be easily damaged when using gasohol, just released from the combustion of alcohol, water, old engines and the presence of water is calculated. For resourceful motorcycle gasohol at all certain death. Also not recommended gasohol and scooters. Transport, which is designed for gasohol E10 has a sticker or E20 (usually on the windshield or filler flap). E10 and E20 - respectively, 10% and 20% alcohol content. note)

36. Here are the prices for fuel.

37. Fuel tanker fills you always. Talk to him the sum, the English they know the numbers, but nothing more. In liters them to consider not so comfortable, I once tried to explain that I need 40 liters instead of 40 baht ... lost a lot of time.

38. Sometimes during refueling on the hood you will put such a thing. The first time I was lost - why I like it? But the fact that Thais when filling is usually not even out of the car: engine jammed and call the sum then, just through the window, pay. A sign advertising means that as long as it is - there is a gas station, and could not go.

39. To pay off right there on the spot. But while each batch has a car wash and a grocery store, but directly to the gas station, they have no relationship, just stay together.

40. Card to pay for petrol - there is nothing easier. But not in Thailand, they are still bugs! Ask "Cards take?" Okay, then five hundred baht. And then you give plastic, and explain to you - "on the cards only from a thousand." I have the option of divorce were not satisfied, and I was starting to swing right - as a result I refueled on the map to the required amount to me. But in general, I would advise to use the cash in Thailand. It's easier.

41. But what surprised me - it is a mini-filling, built right into the house. Usually they are just too off the beaten path, in the small villages, and outside filling machine with no more soda! They are very comfortable, not to be left without petrol.

42. This self-service, a liter is a little more expensive than the larger gas stations, and only accepts cash. But as an option for villages - this is perfect! Why such a comfortable piece is not in other countries?

43. Now about the cars that drive on the Thai roads. Typically, this is Japanese, Korean cars, as well as European and American brands with the right wheel. A large variety of models, all show makes no sense, some are the same as we do, some completely unfamiliar. But the main car in Thailand is ...

44. His Majesty Pickup! And that they, too, like the Americans, is that so many pick-up truck I have not seen even in the States!

45. Absolutely comfortable and versatile machine for every day!

46. Pickup is ideal to fill it with every different by shit and go somewhere!

47. Oh, I do regret that I did not pick-ups are common to us! There have managed to cram what is impossible!

48. Yes, from a pickup truck can be done easily and carry shit, so that no one will see it!

49. Can be transported in the back of his wives! (Thais are Buddhists, and they have one wife, but Muslims also live here, and also love to pick-up)

50. Minibuses also made ??of pickups.

51. In general, people are "On Board" is completely normal and even fuel trucks take buddies! And they still manage to smoke there!

52. Well, the real Thai boys TUNING their pickup trucks, pumped in full!

53. Особенной крутостью считается занизить машину и сделать внедорожник ниже седана! На самом деле, к маленьким машинкам здесь больше уважения, это знак престижа. Снова «зеркало». Почему? Да просто если ты ездишь на небольшом автомобиле, он у тебя в семье либо второй, либо у тебя такая хорошая работа, что машина не должна быть кормильцем, и у тебя достаточно денег, чтобы нанимать других на своих пикапах для перевозки говна. Тебе повезло, ты работаешь в офисе!Special coolness is to understate the machine and make suv sedan below! In fact, for small cars are more respect, it is a sign of prestige. Again, the "mirror". Why? Yes, just when you ride on a small car, it's in your family or a second, or you have such a good job that the machine should not be the breadwinner, and you have enough money to hire others in their pickup trucks for transportation of shit. You're lucky you're working in the office!

54. Sometimes vice versa, when the clearance of the car increases, put mud tires and drive to conquer the road.

55. The most ridiculous cars - three-tuk-tuks! They are used for commercial traffic as taxis.

56. Vehicle fleet in Thailand, as a rule, modern, up to ten years. Very very old car, I met only once, and that was broken.

57. The most favorite car numbers! In Thailand, they are boring, just numbers and local character. But there are different colors. Green on white - all pickups. Below write the name of the region, the Thai language (We have other data: Red - the new machine. White with black numbers - conventional (obtained some time after the red). White with green figures - the car is involved in agriculture and hozyaystve for it is set lower road tax Yellow - transportation of passengers. Зелёные - лимузин-сервис ).

58. Black on white - with ordinary private cars. There are red numbers with black letters (on which I was driving) - these machines are owned by legal persons.

59. Yellow number - commercial service. In buses and trucks. The truck has a title latinnitsey - Thailand. With these numbers you can go to other countries. As I understand it, the usual vehicle out of the country would not be released because their letter no one can read it.

60. Often you can find a car with the numbers in the box "for the euro." What they mean - I do not know, but I have seen "German" and "French" room.

61. "Beautiful" numbers also occur, Thais are not averse to buy the same number. For some money can be colored substrate numbers. This is done in private master, but the government turns a blind eye.

62. Now - about the traffic police. You also have to wonder how to control the movement of the roads in Thailand? And almost nothing! They are informative enough, safe enough, and drivers are adequate to control themselves. Cameras commit violations outside the cities I've almost never seen, and if met - they are warned in advance with a special sign. But police on the roads there!

63. Cop in the bushes with a stick you will not find ever. But there are a lot of stationary traffic police posts. They, too, are seen from a distance, referred to by the cones on the separation.

64. Roadblocks you will encounter many, many times, but usually just reduce the speed of foreigners they do not touch.

65. I stopped three times, although posts I drove about a hundred. In all cases, they are demonstrating my Russian rights, about the car documents and international law did not ask. Although officially our rights do not apply here, you need to draw international. I have them - and I advise you do not be worse.


67. In short, the local cops are quite friendly and pose no danger. On the other hand, will be happy to help you if something ask. English in their level of average Thais - that is, do not speak it. But one day, I asked for directions from a police officer came running the whole street to explain the farang driving directions

68. About the roads of Bangkok I want to tell apart. Traffic here is different from the whole country: lots of cars, lots of mopeds, many things. But I want the road in Moscow is even remotely resembled Bangkok!

69. Wonderful, wonderful, clear and easy way! Multi-level, have you noticed?

70. Although there are traffic jams, and a lot! But then again, compared to Moscow - is childish pranks! Even during rush hour car will move, though very slowly. That's because the warriors are not rebuilt unnecessarily and respect each other. Drivers Buddhists generally very quiet ride.

71. Look out for motorcycles! They are everywhere around you, but just look attentive: they will not come back to you under the wheels, just remember - they have to pass, they are counting on it. Not butting of motorcycle!

72. But walkable places in Bangkok is almost there. The sidewalks are narrow and almost always occupied by shops and stalls. People go straight on the road!

73. But if there is a pedestrian crossing - it is referred to and is visible from afar. Another thing is that just because you do not miss out here, no one will stop. The secret - you need to go, stretching out his hand forward, pointing his hand towards the cars. So - will understand and forgive

74. In short, bangkoktsam have a lot to learn. But they learn to build overhead pedestrian walkway, as in Hong Kong.

75. Build a flyover and multi road. And they have here is the chord. However, the toll. But it's a guaranteed way to quickly reach the city center from the suburbs or go with him. But their chord - is elevated highway, completely separate freeway.

76. At the toll highways is almost never jams. On free in the mornings and evenings is happening here. But due to the fact that all go in their series, the cork on this bridge I did it in five minutes.

77. And then - freedom

78. New roads are being built all the time. And the new Skytrain station too. Do not throw one thing and develop the city in one direction, he spit on everything else.


79. Summed up. Operate the machine in Thailand is very easy and does not napryazhno. To the right, you get used to the steering wheel in an hour. The main thing - do not forget about the "mirrors" - as those in the car, and those in the rules, much works the same way, but in reverse. Oh, and despite the fact that Thais are not so strictly bound by the rules - accidents here in the tens, if not hundreds of times smaller. Two weeks and four thousand miles, I met only one accident!

Here's a quick squeeze of the features of driving in Thailand, print and take with you on a journey:
- When you are overtaking a parked car, then you must be careful - the driver of it can suddenly come out right in front of your nose. This is a common cause of accidents in Thailand, if someone decided to leave his car, he will not look around. Therefore it is better to go round the stationary vehicle at a distance of an open door.
- We must look very carefully, not only in the rearview mirror and on the sides, but forward. It happens that suddenly appears oncoming car going to overtake.
- Watch carefully for pedestrians when driving in the city - very often farang crossing the road, out of habit do not look right and left.
- If you blinked oncoming car - should miss. Who blinked first, that first ride. In Russia all the way around. Be sure to remember it.
- When in front of the ongoing transport right turn signal blinking, then relax it is not necessary, he could easily turn left and right, and maybe just go straight on (forgot to turn off).
- At the intersection under a red light can be rotated to the left, even if there are no signs of resolving, but, of course, you need to pass with cars that are approaching on the right.
- Who goes around the ring - that and the main, it is in all countries equally. (For the ring move also left without perepuytayte!)
- The main roads always have an advantage over the secondary, but better to be on the alert.
Good luck on the roads of Thailand

Travel Alesandra Belenky in Thailand was supported Aviasales.ru, You can read the full report on the Russian-speaking country on the link: http://macos.livejournal.com/tag/Таиланд

Used materials from the sites blog.aviasales.ru & pattaya-life.com. A huge thanks to them!

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