Premium apartments no. 97-103 in Royal Rayong Building for rent in Rayong, Thailand

Royal Rayong Building - One of the most inspirational buildings on Mae Ram Phung Beach and is located in a quiet and scenic location on the coast of the sea front.
Period of residence Cost, THB
2 weeks or less 14 000 THB
3 weeks 18 000 THB
1 month 23 000 THB
More than 1 month special price
1 night 1500 THB

The price includes accommodation only. Water, electricity and cleaning ARE NOT INCLUDED.
On average, it still further:
Electricity, water and cleaning are 4 500 baht per month

Here you can calculate the approximate cost of the stay
, including flights, transfers, accommodation and meals

Satellite map of the region

Apartments no. 97-103 Located on the 11th floor. The total area of 57 SM

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*To simplify all prices are USD.
*The cost of tickets you need to make your own.
*All prices are averaged, so the data of the calculator gives only a general idea of the cost of travel and do not constitute a public offer.
*Price of food is very averaged.
**Note that the average prices on housing services and cleaning are included in the calculation!

The cost of settling
Transfer Airport-Rayong-Airport
Meals for the day:
Adult (1 day)
Child (for 1 day)
Tickets (fill in by yourself)

For reservations, please send email with of interest to you eventually stay with your information and your name on e-mail

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