Koh Samui.
     One of the largest islands in Thailand. Located in the Gulf of Thailand. It is part of the Thai province of Surat Thani. Located about 700 km from Bangkok and 40 km from the east coast of Southern Thailand. Koh Samui is rich in natural attractions: white sandy beaches, coral reefs and coconut palms.
   • Area: 228 km²
   • Population: 62,500
   • The maximum height above sea level is 635 m.
     Koh Samui - world famous resort - the pearl of Thailand, famous for its tourist infrastructure. In addition to the many kilometers of equipped beaches, there are opportunities for diving and snorkeling on Koh Samui. After sunbathing and sea bathing, you can go to an exciting excursion through the jungle, see local waterfalls, visit Buddhist temples. Not to mention the fact that the resort has everything you need for a comfortable stay: shops, markets, restaurants and more.
     This is where the company E-mail VIP Chain Resort (represented by associate company Rits Property Development Co., Ltd. ) offers property under construction on the plots owned by the company (Title deed No. №38093 и №38094, location : Plailaem, Soi 6, Kon Samui ).

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