Taboos of Thailand

A trip to Thailand - this is certainly a great way to relax and well time and, as in any foreign country, you should know in advance - what not to do in Thailand. Country is safe to visit but there are moments that need your attention. Therefore, prior to the trip you need to know about some dangerous moments and be prepared for them.
What is prohibited in Thailand
Consider the following guidelines are recommended advised to adhere to, not to run into trouble in a foreign country:

  IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED to not meet the smile!

    Do not insult the King and members of his family Thais are very proud of their monarchy and honor of the King and his family. There is even a law of "lese-majesty", which completely covers questions. Anyone who is convicted of an offense may spend a long time in prison. Insults can be both oral and written. Spoiling royal statues or even photographs can also be seen as an insult to the King. For example, twice a day for the duration of the national anthem residents freeze all activity stops (tourist in a situation like this should be done ditto). This demonstrates loyalty to his master. Therefore, even like be innocuous words or actions associated with the monarch, can cause strong insult Thais. So, it is forbidden to be interested private life first person to ask, he likes to eat, drink.
You can not specify your toe on the image of the king and the Buddha. A desecration of their images entails imprisonment.

     Do not go into someone's house or a temple in the shoe. Take off your shoes in the street before entering someone else's home, as it relates to the massage parlors. So if you see a bunch of train-street, follow this example, show respect.
Thai residents are neat in appearance, they do not wear ripped jeans or well-worn t-shirts. Self-respecting man is not permissible to appear on the street in shorts and a woman - in frank open topics. However, the mini-skirt perceived normally.

How to behave in a Buddhist temple

    . In the holy places wear suitable clothing For example, for the temples, long shorts below the knee is a normal form of clothing, but also do not forget to cover anything your arms and shoulders. Beachwear leave home. Ladies should wear pants / jeans or a long dress.

     Do not shout. Thais do not like it, they do not smile forever will be, and some even Muay Thai is well known. In spite of everything, maintain control, the problem can be solved in other ways.
A close relationship and a love affair between a man and a woman are not shown. It is considered bad form to hold hands, kiss or caress each other. But the embrace of the two men do not confuse the Thais, it is a sign that the locals are loyal to a non-heterosexual.
You should also know that the head of Thailand - the most "pure" and untouchable part of the body. So do not touch it without permission, even in young children. Thai people will not understand if in public places will speak loudly and even more to swear, to sort things out. Is considered bad form in the presence of strangers punish the child.

     Do not take drugs This is contrary to the law of Thailand, which still use the death penalty for the prevention of drug use and distribution. Especially pay attention to the major resorts where drugs offer on every corner, the probability of dummy sellers is very large.

     Do not drink tap water. The water in the taps is not very clean, upset stomach get very easily. Buy pure bottled water, which costs 7 baht funny.

     Try not to rent a motorbike This is a very big problem for our brother (right and very busy movement, inexperience, alcohol in the blood (Do not sit behind the wheel while intoxicated. Yes, Thailand has rarely checked for "alcohol". But if you get into an accident, You will be automatically guilty.), Riding without protection, and more. So many deaths and injuries in Thailand accounted for drivers motorcyclists. Yes, and it happens a lot of attempts at the time of divorce motorbike. Furthermore, you can not go to the place of a road traffic accident with your participation.

     Do not use a taxi without a meter Taxi drivers are counting on the ignorance and stupidity of tourists and either charge fixed price (which is much more suitable), or do not include taksimetr, and then later on the endpoint you are in for a surprise. Protect yourself from a possible divorce or other unpleasant consequences, ask the taxi driver use the meter or immediately negotiate a price.

     Do not have sex without a condom In Thailand, a lot of temptations and powerful entertainment industry for tourists At the same time, the problem of AIDS is also the place to be. No need to take risks, be aware of such simple things as protection. Incidentally, Thailand - Puritan country, despite all the Pattaya and Patpong. Consider all Thai women are particularly easy virtue and try to meet them in the same direction - could end very sad for you

     Do not abuse the visa delay For each day of delay charged 500 baht, the maximum penalty - 20 000 baht and then a prison and deportation. Prohibited also work without a work permit (vorkpermit), and engaged in professional activities prohibited for foreigners. For violation - a fine, imprisonment and deportation.

By following all of the above recommendations on "what not to do in Thailand," you will make your stay unforgettable.

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