Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), which means "golden land", was opened on 28 September 2006 and today is one of the five largest airports in the world. It is 30 km to the east from the capital of Thailand - Bangkok, where it leads to the high-speed four-lane highway.

Some tips to the Bangkok airport everything went easily and quickly.

 1. Fill in the migration card in the plane. Forms will be given by stewardess, and rules its filling download from my website and print, along with instructions for the taxi driver. Do not forget a pen.

(Download rules for its filling, PDF)

 2. When you pass the passport control, take a cart and get the luggage (usually in the evening bit flights, so that by the time of your approach to transporters the luggage will there)- pass through the green corridor and find yourself in a long gallery. ПRotate the right and go up to the Gate 3 (You will find exchange offices, ATMs, stores).

Near the Gate 3 You will have to wait for a taxi driver with a plate.

The plate will be your name or surname or both. So look carefully On the other hand will be the shop 7/11

If you are arriving in the evening, I recommend to go to this shop and buy something for dinner and for breakfast not to be hungry. Be sure to buy 1.5 - 2 liters of drinking water. Regarding local SIM cards can be found on my website, on the page about the mobile communication in Thailand. There is detailed information about this matter.

There are ATMs in the gallery and exchangers. Currency in Thailand nobody take from hand to hand, so change or remove from the card up to 10 000 THB priority expenditures - taxi. products, etc. and payment for the settlement. Keep in mind that the rate of changing in the exchange offices at the airport is poor, so better to remove from the card.

On the way the taxi driver certainly will call for refueling, is a standard situation, do not worry, they never are with full tanks. On PFS there is always a store, same 7/11 или Family Mart.


Always inconsistencies can happen with the taxi driver - the human factor! I have many years of use this site and a similar case was with me once, however, it was Thai New Year - Songkran.And I arrived at 4am. And did not find a taxi driver, whether he did not wait for me, or simply did not come because of holiday. Do not worry!! Go down the escalator downstairs, go outside and take a taxi yourself. Come to one of the stands and show printed instructions from the page"Transfer". Agree on the money and go. The traditional way will be check in for refueling.

On the day of departure, order a taxi so as to be at the airport at least three - three and a half hours. The airport is very big, flight - perhaps too much. Therefore, the passport control may be delayed !! And still have time to walk around the Duty Free - it's worth it.

Customs rules

It is forbidden to import

All types of drugs (for transportation of drugs in Thailand, the death penalty);

Literature, photography and objects of erotic and pornographic content.

Are limited for import

Firearms - it imports is only possible with a permit issued by the Police Department or the local Registration Office;

Personal items - duty free is allowed to carry a reasonable amount of professional tools, clothing and toiletries that are not prohibited by applicable customs regulations;

Household items and home appliances - home appliances, imported by the owner in a reasonable amount due to the change of residence shall be exempt from duties;

Plants and animals - separate kinds fruits, vegetables and plants in general are forbidden to import (for more information you can contact the Department of Agriculture at: Bangkok, Bangkhen, tel: (02) 579-1581, (02) 579-3576), and permission to transport the animals by air transport you can get at the airport, but you must provide a certificate of their vaccination;

Photos and video - allowed duty-free import of one camera or video recorder, 5 tapes for the camera, 3 cartridges (8 mm or 16 mm) for the camera ...

Currency - the need to declare the amount in excess of 10 thousand US dollars.

It is forbidden to export

Corals in primary forms;

Images of Buddha, Bodhisattvas, or fragments thereof (except for a priests of Buddha, traveling on cultural exchange and scientific purposes, but they must be obtained from the Department of Fine Arts of export license);

Gold bullion, precious stones, platinum jewelery without an export license.

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