7 facts about the prices of fruit in Thailand in November

The most favorite - watermelon and mango, most exotic - dragonfruty and tamarind, the most popular - pineapples and bananas, and completely different, but similar, like twins - longan and langsat on the shelves of supermarkets and markets in Thailand in November. And what is the price of these fruits?

We have compiled a table with prices for fruits that are sold now in late October in stores and on the markets of the country. They define the seven rules that have become facts, some of them motivated by economic reasons, some by Thai wisdom.

1. The cost of fruit in Thailand remains unchanged from year to year. This fact is especially important for supermarkets. Always watermelons are 19-25 baht, and dragonfrut - 45-47, Thai tangerines (with a green-skinned) are always 85 baht.

2. With the coming of the season of any of the fruit, its price is higher, but in the season all back to normal. Since the beginning of the season longan costs 60 baht per kilogram. Now its value in the range of 30-35 baht.

3. Prices of fruit in Thailand in the markets and in supermarkets about the same, but the market choice is wider.

Ripest mangoes for 100 baht / kg (this is not mango season), one kind can be purchased at Big C or Macro, the market will have some choice in the varieties of the same value from 80 to 120 baht.

4. The cheapest fruit from street vendors with cars. Custard apple in Macro costs 65 baht, from the car they sell for 30-35 baht per kg.

5. And in the markets and in supermarkets there are always for sale peeled fruit. Convenient when you want a snack or take to the beach.

Sliced fruit stand 20-40 baht. It is usually a piece of full fruit (pineapple, mango or pamelo), half of cantaloupe or a quarter of melon.

6.Price peeled fruit slightly higher fruit in the classic form. Pineapple peeled 20-25 baht per one, pineapple brown 15-20 baht. As pamelo, mangoes and all others.

7. Thai people like to eat fruits with salt. So do not be surprised if your strawberries or pineapple attached bag with salt and pepper, a green papaya or mango fruit, so it is a mandatory procedure.

Prices of fruit in Thailand in November

Fruits Price, Baht Fruits Price in Baht per kg
25 - 35
per one
16 - 25
per one
60 - 85
45 - 60
per one
mellow mangoes
100 - 120
35 - 80
per one
green mango
15 - 20
per 1 kg
100 - 140
per 1 kg

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