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Rayong - Thailand promising resort

Exotic Thailand popularity rating destinations occupies one of the most prestigious positions. Magic Kingdom coral reefs, Buddhist temples, pristine nature and eternal summer always beckons travelers seeking bright, emotional, memorable stay. Tours to Thailand in demand around the world, regardless of the time of year, and one of the most interesting targets independent salesmen is the province of Rayong. But lately, more and more Russian tour operators offer this province batch of Russian tourists. Apparently affects saturation Pattaya Russian tourists, expensive hotels in the high season. And as is well known - Russian tourists like to rest where there is no Russian ...

The proximity of Pattaya, with its developed tourist infrastructure, as well attracts many tourists because many popular excursions in Pattaya, you can visit from a quiet and relaxing Rayong. Admittedly this concerns mainly excursions offered by the tour operator. Importantly, to what such a beautiful island like Koh Samet is in close distance of Rayong and tourists can always relax on its white beaches without spending a lot of time compared with tourists from Pattaya. All this together makes a very promising Rayong resort organized recreation, but sooner or later he will become the second Pattaya ...


In accordance with the territorial division of the country, the region belongs to the eastern part of Thailand, which is designated geographical contours and clarity reminds square, one of the corners boldly crashed into the pristine waters of the Gulf of Thailand. West side of the square - Chonburi province with tourist mecca of Pattaya, and the south coast takes Rayong, much of the area is declared a national park.

Province not accidentally received a special status. By this small section of the earth's territory nature has a unique and inexplicable generosity. She created a small paradise of beauty is breathtaking for those who see it for the first time. Rayong landscape combines mountains and lush meadows, rainforests and sparkling white sand beaches, waterfalls and dizzying quiet coves, plantation of fruit trees and the azure sea infinity. Created landscapes shimmer with rich spectrum of colors, from discreet to the most striking and enchanting melodies sound bouquet. They are so natural that they seem unreal and imaginary this mesmerizing paradox - the main thing that distinguishes from other regions Rayong Thailand and attracts tourists.

The administrative center of the province of the same name is a small town that is ready to accommodate travelers in comfortable hotels and cozy bungalows. From whimsical Pattaya it different degree and restraint. In Rayong come those who crave vivid impressions of communion with nature, rather than endless entertainment shows.


Setters have a surprise guest. Its beaches are among the best in Thailand and are known throughout the world. The most popular Hatsaytong Beach sand is compared with precious grains of white gold. Total coastline of the province has about 100 km of pristine sandy beaches.

Rayong provides guests the opportunity to improve the health of the healing power of geothermal springs. So do not have a natural resource other regions of Thailand.

Special touch of local color - many fishing villages, where you can explore fishing fishing Freshly-prepared seafood sauce nam pla and buy souvenirs from exotic seashells.

A total placers settlements fishermen leader is the village of Ban Phe. She glorified the fact that, firstly, Thai delicacies supplies to Europe, and secondly, with its pier ferries ply the island of Koh Samet, which is the most valuable gem in the collection of wealth Rayong.

On the island of nature itself provides an ideal environment for lovers of snorkeling, diving and boating. Quiet lagoons, wondrous beauty of coral reefs, tropical trees and flowers, beaches with a light and soft as powder, sand - so looks like a tourist attraction of Koh Samet. You can get around the island for a couple of hours, but in spite of a small area, it accommodates and camping grounds, and upscale hotels.

Pride Rayong considered a local aquarium, which acquaints visitors with the marine fauna and botanical garden Sobha travelers enjoy the beauty of the elaborate variety of strange plants and rare species of birds.

Wishing thrills offered trips to wildlife sanctuaries, where you can see tigers and leopards, elephants and Malayan bears, water buffalo and banteng, gibbons and langurs BELORUKOV.

Province is not only rich in natural attractions, but also monuments of Thai culture. Majestic places of worship are located in the administrative capital, and beyond.

Great impression on tourists produces altar with a statue of King Taksin the monarch himself and growing tree near three hundred years, which, according to legend, he tied his war elephant.

Wat Phra Prado famous majestic statue of the reclining Buddha, which has a length of 12 m and a height of 3.6 meters, this colossus enveloped special mysterious aura as he lies, unlike similar idols, not on the right and on the left side.

Two kilometers from the town of Rayong towering 10-meter pagoda Wat Pak Nam. Tourists on an excursion to it on the full moon of the 12th lunar month, witness the celebration, which is accompanied by religious ceremonies and sports.

Koh Samet there are two objects of interest: White Buddha statue and sculpture dedicated to the product of the poet Suntona Phu Thai, which tells the story of the mermaid and her prince rescued.

Rayong's look organically completed with a few modern touches: the services of tourist golf club and horse riding, shops and cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.

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