Rayong Condo Chain, Middle+ class apartments for rent in Rayong, Thailand

Rayong Condo Chain

This complex is located close to the coast, and is located in a very quiet and peaceful area. On the territory there is a swimming pool, ample parking, as well as 24 hour security. Small gym, WI-FI-internet, tennis and pool tables. Distance to the beach - 50 m

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Курс валют

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Apartments № 84/352

Apartments № 84/180

Apartments № 84/152

Apartments № 84/53

Apartments № 84/54

Double apartments № 84/53 & 84/54

Two Bed-room Condo 84/85

Two Bed-room Condo 124/125

Rayong Condo Chain

On the second floor is a magnificent swimming pool...

... with night lighting.

An unusual architecture of the building makes it a jewel of the coast. This is the most popular among the countrymen a place to stay and buying all over Mae Ram phung Beach. Right at the entrance to the apartment complex is located brasserie cuisine.

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