Villas in VIP Chain Resort

Length of stay Accommodation
price, baht
1 week 38 000 baht
1 extra bed +2 000 baht
2 weeks 76 000 baht
1 extra bed +4 000 baht
1 month 85 000 baht
1 extra bed +4 000 baht
5 months per month 66 000 baht
Price includes accommodation only!
Costs of water, electricity and cleaning are NOT  INCLUDED!.
1 night 9 000 baht
1 extra bed +1 000 baht
Breakfast 240 THB

Choose the currency and amount you are interested in and calculate.

If your rest includes the period of the high Season (from December, 20 to January, 10),
then you will have to pay extra 20 000 baht!

Draw your attention to! Price includes accommodation only!. Costs of used water, electricity and cleaning are  NOT  INCLUDED!

Upon check-in, the meter readings are recorded, a refundable security deposit of 5000 baht must be made to pay for utilities.

Before checking out water consumption and the actual consumption of electricity are determined by the meters and paid, in particular, from the security deposit.

If the amount of utility bills is less than 5000 baht, the difference will be returned to you.

Approximate cost of utilities:
1 week 4 000 baht
2 weeks 8 000 baht
3 weeks 12 000 baht
1 month 16 000 baht
The cost of one cleaning with a change of linen 1 275 baht
Cost of 1 unit of electricity 6 baht
Cost of 1 unit of water 50 baht

Cost of WiFi - Internet access in the apartment:

1 day 150 baht
1 week 750 baht
1 month 1500 baht

Free internet access in public areas.

To our customers we provide a unique *
10% of the cost of living goes towards utility bills.    
Free cleaning and linen change 1 time in 8 - 10 days.    

*   valid only for bookings of less than five months

Entrance to the territory of the villa.
On the left - a pool with fountains and a children's "paddling pool".
We pass to the main house.
It has 2 storeys.
We look to the left. To the pool.
Directly - the main entrance to the house.
View to the right of the entrance - living area.
We pass inside.
Living room .
General view of the living room, and behind our back...
... kitchen...
... with dining group, ...
...washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven...
... sink, full set of dishes and utensils...
... oven, extractor hood and other.
Including a dishwasher.
Staircase to the second floor, next to it is a bathroom.
View of the living room from the stairs.
View of the living room from the stairs.
Stairs to the second floor.
Bathroom on the second floor.
Bathroom on the second floor.
Bedroom 1.
Bedroom 1.
Bedroom 1.
Bedroom 1.
Bedroom 1.
Bedroom 1.
Bedroom 2.
Bedroom 2.
Bedroom 2.
Bedroom 2.
Bedroom 3.
Bedroom 3.
Guest house.
Pool view from the guest house.
View from behind the pool.
Entrance to the guest house.
The guest house is fully equipped inside as a separate bedroom.
In stock - all the necessary furniture and ...
... of course, a bathroom.

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Introducing the VIP Chain Resort


Entrance to the territory of the VIP Chain Resort complex, directly from the sea.
Opposite the gate is a private beach ...
with sun loungers.
To the left of the gate is a three-headed elephant, on which sat the Hindu god Indru.
Further along the alley - to the office.
The office building and the center of spiritual power next to it.
Office entrance.
next to it, to the right is a playground ...
... with children's attractions, ..., ...
... a tennis table, ...
... a tennis court.
Through it you can go to the office, the pool ...
... and to the restaurant.
The tables are located right around the perimeter of the pool.
Comfortable oriental furniture matches ...
... with a European breakfast buffet and fine European and Thai cuisine in the evening.
Public hot tub next to the pool
In the back of the complex, next to the second public swimming pool is located ...
Massage and SPA - salon (hairdresser) ...
... with a hot tub.
The complex has a fitness club.


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