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    Complex VIP Chain Resort is located in a beautiful part of the Mae Ramphueng beach, right by the sea.
    VIP Chain Resort - this is elite housing - comfortable five-storey buildings, luxurious villas, unique townhouses. This is an excellent service, an excellent restaurant (Thai-European cuisine; breakfast buffet), free in common areas Wi-Fi, parking and everything you might need a rest.
    All villas equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay - furniture, appliances, dishes, etc.

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Introducing the VIP Chain Resort


Entrance to the territory of the VIP Chain Resort complex, directly from the sea.
Opposite the gate is a private beach ...
with sun loungers.
To the left of the gate is a three-headed elephant, on which sat the Hindu god Indru.
Further along the alley - to the office.
The office building and the center of spiritual power next to it.
Office entrance.
next to it, to the right is a playground ...
... with children's attractions, ..., ...
... a tennis table, ...
... a tennis court.
Through it you can go to the office, the pool ...
... and to the restaurant.
The tables are located right around the perimeter of the pool.
Comfortable oriental furniture matches ...
... with a European breakfast buffet and fine European and Thai cuisine in the evening.
Public hot tub next to the pool
In the back of the complex, next to the second public swimming pool is located ...
Massage and SPA - salon (hairdresser) ...
... with a hot tub.
The complex has a fitness club.


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